Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Philly Pretzel Factory of Mooresville, NC featured on WBTV Charlotte

Diane Pisel of the Mooresville, NC Philly Pretzel Factory store stopped by the studio at CBS 3 in Charlotte last weekend to demonstrate the art of twisting up holiday-themed pretzels.  In the segment she mentions the different creative influences that go into making pretzels that are perfect for any time of the year.  Diane also talks about how Philly Pretzels are the ideal treat for school events because they're cholesterol- and nut-free! Safe and healthy, something to keep in mind for your next group event or mid-afternoon snack!

Watch the video below, or click here.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Philly Pretzel featured in Nation's Restaurant News

The article discusses how franchisors learn from franchisees. It mentions that the Pepperoni Melt was discovered on “Undercover Boss.

Restaurant brands improve with franchisee input
by Mark Brandau for Nation's Restaurant News

More recently, the Philly Pretzel Factory franchise began selling the Pepperoni Melt Pretzel, an item it first discovered by the chain’s chief executive during the filming of an “Undercover Boss” episode at a franchised restaurant.

Click here to read the article.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Philly Pretzel featured on WBOC 16 Delmarva Life

Eric Long from the Philly Pretzel Factory in Rehoboth Beach dropped by Delmarva Life this past month. The segment aired on Wednesday, November 21, 2012.

Eric showed off some fun offerings from Philly Pretzel Factory, especially for the holidays. He and the hosts demonstrated how to make a holiday wreath-shaped pretzel.

Check out the video below or click here to watch the video.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Philly Pretzel Factory on WTAJ News

Philly Pretzel Factory State College store's Bill Bunting joined the news team at WTAJ to show how he twists up holiday style pretzels.

Watch the video to see how Bill creates holiday inspired treats such as candy canes, snowmen and Christmas trees.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Scraps are back this winter at Philly Pretzel Factory!

Fans of our chocolate-covered hard pretzels, aka Scraps, will be happy to know that we're bringing them back just in time for the holiday season.

These popular treats make perfect gifts for everyone on your list.  Make sure to visit your local Philly Pretzel Factory or go to our website once they go on sale.  They'll be available November 19th, get yours while they last!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Philly Pretzel fuels Sandy cleanup in Ocean City

Philly Pretzel Factory franchisee Don Moiso donated 250 pretzels to victims of superstorm Sandy in Ocean City, NJ.  Moiso's contribution fed a crowd of hungry volunteers who were helping to clean up storm-battered shops and residences, some of which had up to two feet of water inside.

Don Moiso gave 250 pretzels to volunteers and victims of Sandy in Ocean City, NJ

Thanks for your support, Don!

To see more photos of the cleanup effort in Ocean City, check out their Facebook page.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Philly Pretzel Factory visits FOX43 Morning News

Earlier this month Philly Pretzel Factory paid FOX43 Morning News a visit to commemorate National Pretzel Month. The pretzels were a hit at the station, and left the crew wanting more! For more photos of the visit, head on over to FOX43's site.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Philly Pretzel featured in the Times Herald

Philly Pretzel Factory was recently featured in the Times Herald in an article titled, "Philly Soft Pretzel Factory to hold Pretzel Dog eating contest." The article discusses the eating contest in Plymouth, PA as well as Philly Pretzel's new menu items as well as its appearance on Undercover Boss. Click here for the full article, or begin reading below.

Philly Soft Pretzel Factory to hold Pretzel Dog eating contest

Think of it as Coney Island with a twist.

The Brooklyn beach resort that’s become synonymous with an annual 4th of July hot dog eating contest is getting a run for its money from the Philly Soft Pretzel Factory in Plymouth Meeting on Saturday.

As part of a fifth anniversary celebration, the store will hold a Pretzel Dog eating contest outside in front of the shop, 1001 E. Germantown Pike, between 1 and 2 p.m.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Philly Pretzel featured in Ocean City Patch

Philly Pretzel Factory was recently featured in the Ocean City Patch in an article titled, "Philly Pretzel Factory Opens on Ocean City Boardwalk." The article details the grand opening event which featured Mayor Jay Gillian, Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Michele Gillian and Philly Pretzel Factory Co-Founder and CEO Dan DiZio. The article discusses the product offering at the new Ocean City location and also provides background information on the Moisos, Ocean City residents and long-time business owners.  Click here for the entire article or begin below.

By: Douglas Bergen

The Philly Pretzel Factory celebrates its grand opening at 2 p.m. today (Saturday, June 9) with a ribbon-cutting, a balloon artist, face-painting, coupon giveaways and soft pretzels hot out of the oven.

Mayor Jay Gillian, Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Michele Gillian and Philly Pretzel Factory Co-Founder and CEO Dan DiZio — who was recently featured on the CBS hit television series "Undercover Boss" — will assist in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The new franchise is located in front of Gillian's Wonderland Pier at Sixth Street and Boardwalk — the first (or last) food outlet, depending on which way you're walking, on the downtown stretch of Boardwalk between Sixth and 14th streets. It takes the place of the former Bryn and Dane's, which served healthy fast foods.

The Pretzel Factory features soft pretzel twists, cinnamon-sugar pretzel twists, pretzel dogs (a Dietz and Watson frank wrapped in a pretzel), frozen lemonade, iced tea and Coca-Cola products.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Philly Pretzel visits The Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Philly Pretzel Factory donated pretzels to Jameson's Army to distribute at The Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.  Special thanks to the Philly Pretzel Factory of Bridgeville!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Philly Pretzel has 6th Annual Block Party

Philly Pretzel Factory held the 6th Annual Block Party in the Mayfair neighborhood of Philadelphia.  Featuring the 5th Annual Pretzel Eating Contest, a dozen participated and over 100 were present to cheer them on!  Visit our Facebook page for an extensive photo album!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Philly Pretzel Factory featured in the Central Penn Business Journal

Philly Pretzel Factory was recently featured in an article titled, "Philly Pretzel Factory planning Central Pa. growth."  The article discusses the success of Philly Pretzel referring to the franchise growth in 2007  and 2008 and how it plans on expanding with 10 new locations in 2012.  Click here for the entire article or see below.

Philly Pretzel planning Central Pa. growth
By: Jason Scott

With locations already on the East and West shores as well as Lancaster, the popular Philly Pretzel Factory franchise could soon be adding stores in Central Pennsylvania.

“We could easily add a few more stores in the Harrisburg general area,” said President Marty Ferrill.

The pretzel maker has 119 stores — nearly 70 in Pennsylvania, including three in the midstate — and operates in eight states. The goal is 10 new locations in 2012, Ferrill said.

“It’s not like it was,” he said, referring to the franchise growth in 2007 and 2008 when the company added about 75 stores.

Founded in 1998, Philly Pretzel Factory has begun building smaller-scale factory locations to reflect changes in the marketplace and jumpstart expansion. The new-look locations are about 300 to 400 square feet and cost about $125,000 for franchise owners, Ferrill said.

The traditional factory locations are about 1,200 square feet and cost about $250,000, he said. Many are freestanding locations in strip mall shopping centers.

The kiosk model is designed for smaller mall spaces and entertainment venues. The company has opened locations at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom in the Lehigh Valley and at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Philly Pretzel featured in Cecil Whig

Philly Pretzel was recently featured in the Cecil Whig  in an article titled, "On the Job: Pretzel maker."  The article focuses on Christopher Murrin’s experience with working with Philly Pretzel Factory. Christopher elaborated on how the pretzels are made fresh every day and he can make up to 1,000 pretzels in a day. Christopher also elaborated more on the job opportunity that Philly Pretzel Factory gave him when he was looking for employment. The interview was also videotaped and posted on Cecil Whig’s Youtube page.  Click here for the entire article or see below.

One the Job: Pretzel maker
By: Josh Shannon

Christopher Murrin started working at the Philly Soft Pretzel Factory in Elkton just two months ago. He must have done something right, because in that short time, he has risen through the ranks and now serves as the store’s manager.

Murrin, who says his favorite part of the job is twisting pretzels, makes an average of 1,000 pretzels – plus pretzel dogs, pretzel bites and pretzel-wrapped cheese steaks – each day.

How did you get your start?
I actually just came in as an employee. The past two months have been nothing but good opportunities. I came in and filled out an application just like anybody else would have because I just needed a job. Opportunities came from people leaving or being fired and things like that.

How did you train for the job?

I’ve had experience doing retail management for about five years. You just get taught when you come in the door and that’s it, basically. You train with somebody else who has been working here for a while.

What essential skills are required?

You need a little bit of restaurant experience. We do have bakers here, so a little bit of baking experience. But, basically, retail experience – dealing with customers and things like that.

Philly Pretzel featured in Woodbridge Patch

Philly Pretzel was recently featured in the Woodbridge Patch in an article titled, "It's National Pretzel Day - Get a Free Pretzel in Edison."  The article focused on the Philly Pretzel Factory of Edison and their participation with National Pretzel Day. The article gives some background on National Pretzel Day. The article also talked about how Dan DiZio was on Under Cover Boss the following day.  Click here for the entire article or see below.

It’s National Pretzel Day – Get a Free Pretzel in Edison
By: Deborah Bell

OK, this is among the things you didn't know: April 26 is National Pretzel Day.

So what? Well, if you happen to be in the area of 960 Amboy Avenue in Edison today, stop intoPhilly Pretzel Factory and claim your free pretzel in honor of the day.

“We have an incredible fanatical following. This day is about us having a little fun, giving back, and feeding our guest’s need for great taste,” said Dan DiZio, CEO and co-founder of Philly Pretzel Factory, a 100-plus-unit chain born and raised in Philadelphia.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Philly Pretzel featured in Marple Newtown Patch

Philly Pretzel was recently featured in the Marple Newton Patch in an article titled, "Life After 'Undercover Boss' For Broomall Philly Pretzel Factory."  The article profiles Marques Chandler, a Philly Pretzel employee, that was featured on last week's episode of Undercover Boss.  For the entire article click here or begin below.

By: Jennifer Kim

BROOMALL–Three years ago, Marques Chandler, of West Philadelphia, was out of a job and looking for work. At the time, his cousin was working at the Philly Pretzel Factory's Broomall location and referred him to a job.

"Marques' cousin was working for us for about two months and introduced me to Marques...he and I just kind of hit it off from jump street since then," recalled Co-owner of the Broomall Philly Pretzel Factory Gary Nolan. "You could immediately tell he had great people skills."

Chandler said it initially just started out as any other job and was looking for a second job in the meantime, hoping to save money to send his two young daughters off to college some day. He started off at $8/hour, worked hard–getting to the store at 4 a.m. to start baking the pretzels for the day and working about 50-60 hours a week. He received a bonus six months later working himself up to $12/hour.

"I started getting good and then I started getting raises," shared Chandler. "Three years later it turned into my career. It became something I love to do."

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Philly Pretzel Factory featured in Philadelphia Daily News

Philly Pretzel Factory was recently featured in the Philadelphia Daily News in an article titled, "Pretzel CEO has a TV Twist."  Dan DiZio, CEO of Philly Pretzel Factory, discussed his experience on Undercover Boss and entrepreneurial story. He was also able to touch on details about National Pretzel Day and the promotions running at Philly Pretzel Factory locations.  For the entire article click here or continue below.

Pretzel CEO has a TV Twist
By: Dan Gross

When Dan DiZio sold pretzels on Roosevelt Boulevard and dreamed of opening his own pretzel bakery, he didn’t know what the word “franchise” meant, or that having one store could ever happen.

But now with 120 locations nationwide, the CEO and co-founder of the Philly Pretzel Factory will be on “Undercover Boss” Friday night (8 p.m., CBS 3). DiZio, 40, said he thinks every CEO should go undercover at his business and see how his employees work.

“I was sleeping on bags of flour when we first opened up, but I became a corporate guy,” DiZio said. “I said, I’m never gonna lose my roots in the pretzel business, but to get caught up in boardrooms and meetings you really do lose touch. I forget how hard it was to go to work at 3 in the morning to make pretzels,” DiZio said.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Philly Pretzel Factory featured in QSR

Philly Pretzel Factory was featured in an article in QSR titled, “Honey, I Shrunk the Store.” The article was built from interviews with Marty Ferrill and franchisee Dave Grimaldi discussing the new kiosk option launched by Philly Pretzel Factory. Dave was the first of the existing franchisees to purchase the new model and has plans to open in it Franklin Mills Mall in Philadelphia. Marty discusses the decision to finally launch the kiosk to reach a greater number of potential customers and open in more heavy traffic areas. In addition, the new model also allows entrepreneurs to open the kiosks more quickly and only cost about $100,000 for the build-out. Click here to read the full article, or begin reading below.

Honey, I Shrunk the Store
By John Morell

One concept hopes an inexpensive, portable kiosk will jumpstart expansion.

As the U.S. economy shows signs of new growth in 2012, many quick serves are cautiously looking at expansion plans to see if they can jumpstart the growth that stalled with the recession.

Some franchise concepts are banking on the fact that cheaper, smaller footprints might be more attractive to potential franchisees in this rocky lending environment. One in particular, Philly Pretzel Factory, is hoping a new kiosk offering will draw new franchise partners and excite its existing franchisee base.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Philly Pretzel Factory featured in Nation's Restaurant News

Philly Pretzel Factory was featured in an article in Nation’s Restaurant News titled, “Growth Concepts: Restaurant executives share franchising, growth strategies.” The article had a section built from Philly Pretzel Factory COO, Marty Ferrill, who discussed how the brand poised themselves for growth over 2012 and the coming years with a goal to open 25 locations this year. Philly Pretzel Factory just launched its new kiosk prototype to help new and existing franchisees open more quickly at a lower investment cost in malls, theme parks and transportation stations. With the kiosk costing just half of the traditional build-out, this now offers qualified franchisees the opportunity to open their Philly Pretzel Factory without having to looking for large business loans and makes it easier to secure financing. Click here to view the full article, or begin reading Philly Pretzel Factory's section below.

Growth concepts: Restaurant executives share franchising, growth strategies
by Mark Brandau

Marty Ferrill, chief operating officer, Philly Pretzel Factory
System size: 122 units
Growth targets: 25 openings this year, agreements for 25 more
Source for optimism: Small-footprint kiosk prototype

Our normal investment for a full bakery is typically $250,000 to $275,000 all in, and we were running into some challenges financing that. So we shrunk everything, from our ovens to our mixers, and made the footprint smaller, from about 1,400 square feet into a kiosk as small as 300 to 400 square feet. It’s a dramatic decrease in rent and build-out costs; people are now looking at a total investment of $125,000 including the franchise fee.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Philly Pretzel Factory featured in Monroeville Times-Express

Philly Pretzel Factory was featured in the Monroeville Times-Express in an article titled “Local businessman to open pretzel shop." In the article, it talked about how Joe’s background in franchising and the success he has experienced working with major brands. Joe discussed his plans for growth of Philly Pretzel Factory in the area, and how he and his brother plan to expand further throughout the greater Pittsburgh area. The article also included some quotes from Marty Ferrill about his excitement for the Kallen brothers to do great things for the brand in the market, especially since Pittsburgh is as far west as the brand has gone. Click here to view the article or begin reading below.

Local businessman to open pretzel shop
By Karen Kadilak

The Philly Pretzel Factory store opening Friday at 3968 William Penn Highway in Monroeville is the latest in a string of businesses for Joe Kallen.

Kallen, 34, has owned franchises with three companies.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Philly Pretzel Factory featured on Central Pennsylvania Business Journal

Philly Pretzel Factory was mentioned in the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal in an article titled, "Shop local for last-minute foodie V-Day gifts," for its heart shaped pretzels. The article disucssed ideas for Valentine's Day and gives residents ideas about where to buy fun, local gifts for the holiday and include the Philly Pretzel locations in Camp Hill, Harrisburg and Lititz. The heart-shaped pretzels will only be avaliable through Valentine's Day. Click here to read more, or begin reading below.

Shop local for last-minute foodie V-Day gifts
by Erica Streisfeld

To all the procrastinators out there, I'm here to save your Valentine's Day.

No, I'm not Cupid.

But I will share a few last-minute gift ideas that might score some points with that special someone. The rest is up to you!

(Read More)
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