Friday, May 11, 2012

Philly Pretzel featured in Cecil Whig

Philly Pretzel was recently featured in the Cecil Whig  in an article titled, "On the Job: Pretzel maker."  The article focuses on Christopher Murrin’s experience with working with Philly Pretzel Factory. Christopher elaborated on how the pretzels are made fresh every day and he can make up to 1,000 pretzels in a day. Christopher also elaborated more on the job opportunity that Philly Pretzel Factory gave him when he was looking for employment. The interview was also videotaped and posted on Cecil Whig’s Youtube page.  Click here for the entire article or see below.

One the Job: Pretzel maker
By: Josh Shannon

Christopher Murrin started working at the Philly Soft Pretzel Factory in Elkton just two months ago. He must have done something right, because in that short time, he has risen through the ranks and now serves as the store’s manager.

Murrin, who says his favorite part of the job is twisting pretzels, makes an average of 1,000 pretzels – plus pretzel dogs, pretzel bites and pretzel-wrapped cheese steaks – each day.

How did you get your start?
I actually just came in as an employee. The past two months have been nothing but good opportunities. I came in and filled out an application just like anybody else would have because I just needed a job. Opportunities came from people leaving or being fired and things like that.

How did you train for the job?

I’ve had experience doing retail management for about five years. You just get taught when you come in the door and that’s it, basically. You train with somebody else who has been working here for a while.

What essential skills are required?

You need a little bit of restaurant experience. We do have bakers here, so a little bit of baking experience. But, basically, retail experience – dealing with customers and things like that.


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