Friday, June 25, 2010

Franchisee Spotlight: Ken Hannigan, Owner of the Philly Pretzel Factory in Cranberry Township

We have been highlighting some of our Philly Pretzel Factory franchisees. Today, Ken Hannigan, Owner of the Cranberry Township location, is in our franchisee spotlight.

Franchisee Since: October 2008
Franchise Location: 1691 Route 228, Cranberry Township, PA 16066

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How Ken Hannigan Got Started with Philly Pretzel Factory
Ken grew up in the New Jersey area and was surrounded by the soft pretzel culture throughout his childhood. He was extremely familiar with the brand as it continued to grow and saturate the Philadelphia and New Jersey markets. Ken and his wife, Kim, were experienced entrepreneurs who owned multiple businesses together before deciding to open their Philly Pretzel Factory. Ken saw that there was an untapped market in Cranberry Township, and felt the same success that Philly Pretzel Factory was experiencing in New Jersey and Philadelphia could be replicated there as well.

What Intrigued Ken Hannigan about Philly Pretzel Factory
Ken and his wife, Kim, are experienced franchisees as they have owned multiple franchises together in the past. Between the two, the couple has over 12 years of franchise experience and more than 24 years of business experience. The husband and wife team conducted heavy due diligence and realized that Philly Pretzel Factory had a strong support system for both the Philly Pretzel Factory product and franchisees. The two were also attracted to the marketing campaigns and tools that are provided to Philly Pretzel Factory franchisees.

Something Interesting about Ken Hannigan’s Story…
Ken is a sponsor of the Pittsburgh Penguins and is the provider of soft pretzels at Mellon Arena and next season’s Consol Energy Center for all Pittsburgh Penguins home games. He is also involved in his local community as a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Ken participates with the local schools in fundraising and also takes part in neighborhood summer festivals. Ken also coaches youth soccer and is a Scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts of America.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Franchisee Spotlight: Rohi Batra, owner of the Philly Pretzel Factory in Edison

Each week we highlight some of our newest Philly Pretzel Factory franchisees. This week, Rohi Batra, owner of the Edison location, is our franchisee spotlight.

Franchisee Since: December 2007
Franchise Location: 960 Amboy Ave., Edison, NJ

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How Rohi Batra Got Started With Philly Pretzel Factory
Rohi has spent the majority of his career in wealth management and financial planning. He still currently works in this field, but about two and a half years ago, he decided he wanted to supplement his career and become a small business owner.

While working in Philadelphia, there was a close-by Philly Pretzel Factory location that Rohi would frequent as a consumer. Years later, he seriously began considering independent business ownership. In that time frame, he went to the Philly Pretzel Factory location by his home in Mullica Hill and he made up his mind immediately about wanting to own his own Philly Pretzel Factory location.

What Intrigued Rohi Batra about Philly Pretzel Factory
Initially, Rohi was attracted to Philly Pretzey Factory because it was something unique and because of the ease of operation. Now, Rohi gets great satisfaction out of owning his own business from seeing it grow, to giving jobs to people who need them, helping people in more than financial ways like providing college part-time workers with emotional support and guidance. Rohi is a true entrepreneur at heart. He likes the managing, marketing and motivating people aspects of his new career.

Something Interesting About Rohi Batra Story…
Rohi’s location is among only a few in the North Jersey region. He also owns the rights to the Woodbridge, NJ territory which he plans to develop when he feels the time is right. He is also very involved in his community and regularly donates to local churches and schools.

Rohi is married and his wife is a teacher. They have two children: Madison (10) and Benjamin (4).

Philly Pretzel Factory was recently featured in The Sandpaper!

New Philly Pretzel Factory on Island
by The Sandpaper staff

Philly Pretzel Factory fanatics now have a location on Long Beach Island to satisfy their craving. The new shop in Schooner's Wharf, Beach Haven, is operated by the same franchisee who runs the successful Manahawkin store on Route 9. (Read More on page 34)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 recently featured Philly Pretzel Factory!

Twist it Up

Philly Pretzel Factory

If you're looking to give your out–of–town guests a taste of Philadelphia, soft pretzels should be at the top of your list. I'm not talking about grocery store versions, or the kind your might find on an NYC street corner. I'm talking about the chewy, pillowy soft varieties from the Philly Pretzel Factory. Baked fresh each morning, these pretzels—which come in assorted flavors—are hand–twisted and never frozen. Word has it that their "original" style is the top seller, but I'm awfully intrigued by the new "Philly Cheesesteak Pretzel." Oh, and if you're a Philly–native but are hosting your wedding elsewhere, you still might be near one of the many franchise locations—visit to find a store near you.
—Abigail Reid, Editorial Assistant, Brides Philadelphia

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dan DiZio Talks Cheesesteak Pretzel

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Philly Pretzel Factory Featured on

The Cheesesteak Pretzel: As Philly As It Gets!
By: Mikey Il

When news surfaced about the Cheesesteak Pretzel, there was really no doubt we had to cover it. This is a Philadelphia-based sandwich blog after all, and a sandwich-like creation capturing and combining the essence of two of Philly’s most iconic foods is a completely undeniable force. The Cheesesteak Pretzel is the creation of the Philly (Soft) Pretzel Factory (PPF). A franchised company that began with humble beginnings in Northeast Philadelphia just 12 years ago, but today has well over 100 stores that stretch the length of the east coast from upper New York down to Georgia.

I met with Marty Ferrill, VP of Operations at the corporate headquarters in Mayfair and he gave me a bit of insight to the company’s origins and its owners Dan DiZio and Len Lehman. DiZio and Lehman started the first Philly Soft Pretzel Factory on Frankford Ave., in the base of the building where headquarters is currently located. The business model was simple back then, their intention was to provide fresh baked pretzels for delivery like other companies at the time. The walk-in availability of pretzels in a retail environment that has become their mainstay was only a secondary consideration. Though, after the first full day and consistently long lines of people waiting for their fresh baked, hand-twisted pretzels, the business model had to adapt.

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