Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Philly Pretzel Factory featured in Monroeville Times-Express

Philly Pretzel Factory was featured in the Monroeville Times-Express in an article titled “Local businessman to open pretzel shop." In the article, it talked about how Joe’s background in franchising and the success he has experienced working with major brands. Joe discussed his plans for growth of Philly Pretzel Factory in the area, and how he and his brother plan to expand further throughout the greater Pittsburgh area. The article also included some quotes from Marty Ferrill about his excitement for the Kallen brothers to do great things for the brand in the market, especially since Pittsburgh is as far west as the brand has gone. Click here to view the article or begin reading below.

Local businessman to open pretzel shop
By Karen Kadilak

The Philly Pretzel Factory store opening Friday at 3968 William Penn Highway in Monroeville is the latest in a string of businesses for Joe Kallen.

Kallen, 34, has owned franchises with three companies.

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