Monday, May 17, 2010

Philly Pretzel Factory was recently featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer!

Cheesesteak Pretzel makes official debut today
By Peter Mucha
Inquirer Staff Writer

The marriage of two of Philadelphia's favorite foodstuffs was celebrated today with a lunchtime giveaway at Love Park.

Meet the Cheesesteak Pretzel: a handheld cheesesteak baked inside soft-pretzel dough.

More than 700 were handed out, to mostly positive reviews.

"This stuff is good," said Jermaine Bernard, 33, finishing his first while in line to get a second. The visitor from Los Angeles hoped to try for a third as well.

"Not two thumbs up, but one thumb up," said actuary Derek Eyler, 25, of Abington.

"I would like maybe a little bit more cheese," said real estate manager Mandy Davis, 27, of Center City. While a regular cheesesteak can be a meal, the Cheesesteak Pretzel, she said, was "more snack appropriate."

"It's kind of a strange combination," said victim advocate Kourtney Burris, 24, of South Philadelphia. "It's straight-up Philly, that's what it is."

The folks at the Philly Pretzel Factory introduced the Cheesesteak Pretzels this morning at almost every one of its more than 100 stores between New York State and Georgia.


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