Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Franchisee Profile: Lou Sist of Philly Pretzel Factory Bluffton, SC

Recently we have highlighted some of our Philly Pretzel Factory franchisees. Today the spotlight is on Lou Sist, the franchisee of the Bluffton, SC Philly Pretzel Factory.

Franchise Location:
50 Burnt Church Road, Bluffton, SC 29910

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How Lou Sist Got Started with Philly Pretzel Factory
Lou’s wife Jennifer grew up in Philadelphia, just two blocks from the original Philly Pretzel Factory location. Although a Detroit native himself, he soon learned of the delicious pretzels made by Philly Pretzel Factory.

What Intrigued Lou Sist about Philly Pretzel Factory
Lou was amazed by the outstanding quality and value of Philly Pretzel Factory’s products. He says there is nothing else you can buy for so little that will fill you up. In addition to his strong belief in the product, Lou liked the benefits that come with being a Philly Pretzel Factory franchisee, including branding, support and guidance.

Something Interesting about Lou Sist’s Story…
Lou has an amazing life story. He spent seven years in college with the intent of becoming a medical doctor, but in the end decided medical school wasn’t for him. He then opened a tanning salon in Detroit which he ran for 10 years. Ever the entrepreneur, his next venture was a successful floor tiling company. Recently, the rough economy’s affect on the construction market forced him to scale back his enterprise. He decided to open a Philly Pretzel Factory franchise to provide his 6-year-old daughter with future financial stability.

Lou also believes in actively participating in his store and the surrounding community. He puts in 100 hours a week at the Bluffton location and knows many of his customers by name. Lou also sponsors a T-ball and soccer team, as well as providing catering for charity events.

Lou sees great expansion possibilities in the Charleston and Savannah markets. Both feature large quantities of foot traffic and hungry college kids, two factors Lou thinks would make Philly Pretzel Factory locations in those markets a huge success.

Where specifically did Lou Sist learn about Philly Pretzel Factory?
Lou was first introduced to Philly Pretzel Factory as a consumer. He later decided to open a franchise after researching the market and brand.


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