Thursday, February 24, 2011

Philly Pretzel Factory featured in The Daily Collegian

Philly Pretzel Factory was recently featured in an article in Penn State’s student newspaper, The Daily Collegian, entitled "Buffalo-Chicken Pretzel." The article published February 22, 2011, and was built from a taste test of the new Buffalo Chicken Pretzel at the local Philly Pretzel Factory at Penn State College, which is owned by Dave Rosania. Also, the reviewer gives a few suggestions for other great snacks that can be found at Philly Pretzel Factory. Click here to view the article in its entirety!

Buffalo-Chicken Pretzel
Reviewed by Katie Sullivan

I love anything with buffalo sauce. Buffalo wings, buffalo chicken dip, buffalo-glazed sandwiches. Nothing beats the tangy heat that tickles my tongue after taking a bite of something smothered in buffalo-flavored goodness.

So I was excited to hear about Philly Pretzel Factory’s new buffalo-chicken stuffed pretzels. Advertised with a sticker on Philly Pretzel Factory’s counter picturing a scrumptious-looking pretzel engulfed in orange flames, I was expecting a fiery bite. I went in with high expectations, hoping for a small snack to get me through my next class.

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