Thursday, August 8, 2013

Philly Pretzel Factory featured in The Daily Local

The Daily Local recently featured Philly Pretzel Factory's new franchisee, Joe Chiarello, a NJ entrepreneur, who is opening a Philly Pretzel Factory and adding more food service industry knowledge to his resume.  In the past, Chiarello has operated a Rita’s Water Ice, Peace of Pizza and a Manhattan Bagel.  At the young age of 24, Chiarello is excited to start this new step in his career path.  He credits West Chester University, WCU, for his success.

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WCU grad part of growing Philly Pretzel franchise

  • Posted: Tuesday, 08/06/13 11:16 pm

WEST CHESTER — Golden Ram football player and 1998 West Chester University business management and finance graduate Joe Chiarello is using his education to make and market affordable, hot, soft and fresh pretzels.
Chiarello owns and operates two Philly Pretzel Factory franchises in Richboro and Southhampton. He also ran Rita’s Water Ice and Peace A Pizza franchises. Chiarello operated a Manhattan Bagel franchise just a year out of college, at age 24. He’s also managed a jewelry store, a vending company and an online apparel company.
“I’m always looking for the next biggest thing,” he said.
Chiarello’s experiences at WCU taught him leadership, the book side of running a business and checks and balances.
Chiarello also learned about “sweat equity ” in school, then further developed the concept at work.
“It’s one thing to learn it by the book, it’s another thing being a hands-on operator,” he said.
 Chiarello attended WCU on a partial scholarship. The tailback and special teams player said sports taught him to be a team player, discipline and to be goal-oriented. He said he looks for athletes to fill positions at his businesses since they tend to have better success.

Chiarello works 12-hour days and six day weeks at both shops and at a home office.


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