Monday, January 31, 2011

Revolutionary Cheesesteak Pretzel Big Hit; Philly Pretzel Factory Digs Deeper

Launch of Buffalo Chicken Pretzel Kicks Off with Largest Chicken Egg Hunt

The Cheesesteak Pretzel , launched six months ago, has been a huge hit revolutionizing what can be done with the soft pretzel. Since its launch, people have been ordering it for lunch, dinner and even a mid-day snack, and that left Philly Pretzel Factory wondering what else they could to do keep the concept of a Cheesesteak Pretzel fresh and new. The new Buffalo Chicken Pretzel is a continuation of the ever-evolving soft pretzel ingenuity that happens at the Philly Pretzel Factory headquarters.

“Customers rave about the Cheesesteak Pretzel,” said Dan DiZio, CEO and Co-Founder of Philly Pretzel Factory. “We knew we had a hit with our newest invention and believe that offering variety in the form of a Cheesesteak Pretzel would continue to give customers new flavors and experiences at Philly Pretzel Factory, which in turn will keep them coming back.”

Just as the name suggests, the Buffalo Chicken Pretzel is a combination of secret buffalo sauce, mozzarella cheese, and savory chicken stuffed into a pretzel.

To officially launch the Buffalo Chicken Pretzel, Philly Pretzel Factory will hold the nation’s largest chicken egg hunt on Monday, January 31 in Philadelphia. Philly Pretzel Factory fanatics will celebrate the new pretzel creation by dressing in chicken costumes and dancing to the “Chicken Dance” music. The grand prize egg will have $1,000, along with many other prizes awarded, including one for best costume.

The next day, on February 1, all participating locations will sell the Buffalo Chicken Pretzel for the first time. The new menu item also extends the day-part offering by the booming franchise, in that customers can now enjoy the blended perfection for a snack, lunch or dinner. With the success of The Cheesesteak Pretzel, the addition of the buffalo version is expected to be equally as popular and delicious.

“There are more menu extensions than you can imagine with the soft pretzel; all tasty and delicious, which keeps our minds racing constantly,” said DiZio. “We thrive off of the reactions of our customers. Once they taste this new Buffalo Chicken Pretzel, we’re sure it will open to rave reviews.”


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